There were many people purchasing tickets at the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum on the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend. Many of them said they had returned to their hometowns for the holiday and were using this opportunity to show their children the museum.

We traveled north from Kaohsiung today to check out the museum's exhibitions. We're very happy and lucky that that "Meat-shaped Stone" is once again on display here so we will be able to see it at least once. It's great that we can see National Palace Museum exhibitions during the Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend here in Chiayi in the south and not have to travel north to Taipei.

The Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum is currently working to increase visitor numbers. This summer, it began organizing numerous indoor and outdoor exhibitions and activities. It says the number of visitors this year has already reached 710,000, and its objective for the entire year is 900,000 visitors.

The number of visitors in July and August reached 290,000, which was an increase of 200,000 compared to the 90,000 visitors during same period last year. In other words, the number of visitors has tripled.

The museum adds other national treasures will follow "Meat-shaped Stone" in the ongoing display. In addition, between Sept. 13 and Nov. 10, there will be an outdoor light show every night from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The museum hopes this show will attract visitors.


民众 陈先生一家表示:「今天是从高雄上来这边,想要来看看故宫这边的展览,很开心,原来今天肉形石又下来,所以我们非常幸运的,今天可以再看到一次肉形石,而且中秋连假的时候,我们不用上台北,在嘉义南部的时候,就可以看到故宫的展览,很棒!」


故宫南院处长 彭子程表示:「那7、8月的人数,达到29万人次,较去年7、8月9万人,增加了20万人,也就是去年的3倍。」

甘肃快3 故宫南院表示,除了人气国宝肉形石的展览以外,接下来还有很多知名的国宝也会在些展出,而且从今天一直到11月10日,每天晚上6点到10点之间,在户外也有举办光雕的展演,争取民众来访。」

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